Our Story - cwtchcreative



Hi! I’m Natalie, founder of Cwtch Creative, lover of making and mum to two beautiful girls. For the past eight years, I’ve been working as a Marketing Communications Manager for a Global Medical Device Manufacturer by day and creating beautiful brands, night lights, prints and any other weird and wonderful requests that come my way in my freetime. 

Cwtch Creative was founded after many requests started to come my way for a multitude of projects, after the birth of my first daughter the requests have steadily increased allowing me to dedicated my evenings, Fridays and weekends to developing Cwtch Creative further. 

When I’m not behind my Mac, managing design projects or developing new products, you’ll most likely find me covered in glitter chasing after my two girls usually with my camera in hand (my other love is photography). 

The Process

• Get in touch via the contact form, email or my Facebook page. 
• You will then receive an email from me to arrange a consultation
(only if you want to of course) or 90% of my business is done purely though email.
• Once I have the project information from you, I’ll send you a quotation for the work.
This is a complete project cost, you won’t get any surprise bills at the end.
• Once the quotation is approved, I’ll create your design and send back for your approval.
• Once approved I can then either help you source print from my dependable and cost
effective printers or I can send you the finished files via email for your use.

Managing the creative process from start to finish with an openness and accessibility that’s designed to make your life easy, and your ideas shine. .

How can we help you?

Branding, leaflets, brochures, posters, exhibition banners, photography, social media designs, stationery, personalised prints, night lights, vinyl personalisation and print sourcing.

Branding. We’ll develop or refresh your visual identity, creating something both strategic and stylish, that slots in seamlessly with your vision and values.

Design for print. Our expertise goes into making sure your print is both eye-catching and cost effective, whether it’s litho, digital, large format or small, we’ll take away the hassle, leaving you to enjoy beautiful, tactile print.

Lasercuts, Paper Art and Prints. Commission your own wood laser cut or papercut that are the perfect gift for any occasion. Each piece is created to your specification and budget.



The wonderful thing about this beautiful Welsh word, is that there’s no literal English translation. There are similar words, such as ‘cuddle’, ‘snuggle’ and ‘hug’, but none of them share the same affectionate sentiment as a ‘cwtch’.

Ask any Welsh person what a ‘cwtch’ is and they will undoubtedly reply with a warm smile and an ‘ahh’, as a ‘cwtch’ is such an evocative word that instantly transports you to holding a loved one tightly with love and affection, giving them a safe place.